How do I communicate with my friends?

Some pupils have written about how they communicate with their friends when they are far away.

You can read their essays below. If you want to see this publication in full screen, click on the icon: “Vista en pantalla completa”.

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2010 World Book Day

Last Friday, 23rd April, we celebrated The Book Day in the framework of “The World of Circus”. That week, we worked on writing and telling our classmates some jokes.

On Friday morning we were in a children’s show. We watched two audiovisual presentations about the Cirque du Soleil and their show “Saltimbanco”. We watched a performance by two teachers as well. It was really cool.

Here you can see some photos of that morning.


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Empty School

There are no words but music. It’s really cool.

The title is “Empty School” and it’s composed, performed, and filmed by seventeen-year-old Ben Meyers.

Look, listen and enjoy!
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Listen and read.

Look at the picture. Then listen to the podcast and read the text:




“In Ancient Greece, there were lots of temples for all the different gods, such as Zeus, Aphrodite and Apollo. The Parthenon in Athens was a temple for Athena. She was the goddess of war and the patron of Athens. Today the Parthenon is in ruins, because an enormous explosion destroyed the original temple in 1687. Now it is still in danger -from the effects of traffic pollution!“.

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Read and guess.

Read this description of an animal and guess. What animal is it?

“This is a big animal. It is a bird but it can’t fly. It runs very fast, about 70 Km/h. It’s got a long neck and large wings. It lays the largest eggs of any living bird.

It eats seeds, plants, grass, fruit and flowers; it also eats insects.

It can attack with a kick from its powerful legs”.

Can you spell the name of this animal?      O _ _ _ _ _ h

Click on the image to check the answer.


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Hi, friends.

This is a new blog. You can find information, learn and improve your English. English is near you. It’s just around the corner. Enjoy!

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