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Year 6. Comparative and superlative activities.

Try to do the activities about Comparatives & Superlatives by clicking the links below: Sentences in the comparative form. Adjectives. Comparatives 1. Adjectives. Comparatives 2. Adjectives. Superlatives 1. Adjectives. Superlatives 2. Adjectives. Superlatives 3. Adjectives. Comparatives and superlatives 1. Adjectives. … Continuar leyendo

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Wind Of Change

Here you have this video-clip of Scorpions. I know you like the song “Wind Of Change” (Vientos de cambio) and now you can watch the video and sing the song. If you want to watch the lyrics, clic here.

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2010 World Book Day

Last Friday, 23rd April, we celebrated The Book Day in the framework of “The World of Circus”. That week, we worked on writing and telling our classmates some jokes. On Friday morning we were in a children’s show. We watched … Continuar leyendo

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Listen and read.

Look at the picture. Then listen to the podcast and read the text:   [audio:http://blip.tv/file/get/Robert_07-AncientGreece929.mp3] “In Ancient Greece, there were lots of temples for all the different gods, such as Zeus, Aphrodite and Apollo. The Parthenon in Athens was a … Continuar leyendo

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Read and guess.

Read this description of an animal and guess. What animal is it? “This is a big animal. It is a bird but it can’t fly. It runs very fast, about 70 Km/h. It’s got a long neck and large wings. … Continuar leyendo

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