Feb 272015

Today children are revising what they have learnt this week, watching videos from the Dance Competition and having their last classes.

I’ve updated the photo albums with some shots from the competition and the party. You’ll see there’re no boys in the party. We had a “little” problem with a toilet and they had to pay for their actions.

Anyway, we’re leaving Lumbier at 15.30 p.m. so we’ll arrive in Cintruénigo at 17.00 – 17.30 p.m.

We’ll tweet the exact arrival time when we are in the bus.

See you soon!

Feb 262015

Another day in the rain. Children who didn’t go to the swimming pool could enjoy it yesterday.

The other groups were training their dances and songs in class. They made some robots with recycled materials.

After dinner every group took part in the Lumbier Olympic Games and all of them got a llolipop as a prize.

They feel more confident with boys and girls from Rada, Pamplona and Castejón and they are mixing with them and making friends.

No incidents at night. Everybody was tired and they soon fell asleep.

Today (day 4, Thursday) it’s cloudless and we hope we can visit the gorge.

As usual, you can find some photos in the Photo Albums

Feb 252015

Second day in Lumbier and nothing new but the snow…

Children attended their classes and they have begun to practice their songs and dance for the last day.

They’ve been depicting their groups in some posters and played karaoke in the afternoon. After dinner, they played the Olympic Games and went to sleep.

Some of them suffer for stomach ache but nothing worrying at sight

You can visit our Photo Albums to see some photographs.